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The Contemporary Display, Exhibits, Museum and Visual Arts Network represents and supports a diverse, adynamic, vibrant and transformed Arts, Culture and heritage sector, with modern technology, with contemporary aesthetic sense of presentation, and embracing a broad range of artistic and curatorial practice across India and abroad.

Our Mission

is to preserving, protecting art, promoting the culture, heritage, linguistic diversity, legacy of INDIA strengthen and develop the contemporary visual art presentation sector in India through mural, museum, and using the Network as a platform for creative art, cultural art, and to promote vast heritage of India.

Our Vision

is of a strong, sustainable and supportive contemporary visual arts network, working collectively to safeguard the future of art and cultural development of India as a whole.

Our Values

Innovation: in everything we do, we strive for INNOVATIVE approaches.

Integrity: in our day-to-day activities, our INTEGRITY shines through.

Professionalism: together we act PROFESSIONALLY to deliver value to the Indian art culture and heritage, and its people and ourselves.

Accountability: we are ACCOUNTABLE to the people of INDIA in our pledge to provide them with high-quality services by presentation and completion of project diligently, accurately on our performance and commitments, and taking ownership of the task to ensure that it is done correctly the first time around.